Used Car Loans – Car Financing

If you are looking for a new car, but prefer to spend less than the cost of a new car and prefer to take it used, but still in excellent condition, then Capital-Financing Bank has the solution for you.

Used car loans, the solution of Capital-Financing Bank

Used car loans

Capital-Financing Bank has thought of the ” Retale Financing for Used Cars “, the loan that allows you to buy a second-hand car and have it immediately at your disposal, paying the cost comfortably in installments.


Among the main features of this loan we can see:

  • loan obtainable with a very minimal advance
  • fixed-rate installments for the duration of the loan, so you always know how much you will spend month after month
  • the minimum duration of 12 months
  • the maximum duration of 60 months

Simply by paying a minimum advance and with zero final installments, you can have your used car immediately available.

Used Car Loan Installment Calculation

Installment Calculation

We went to do some calculations for you using the financial calculator that Capital-Financing Bank makes available , here are the results. All loans already include contractual stamps of 16 dollars, management fees of 300 dollars, costs of sending bank statements of 2 dollars each and collection costs for the RID mode of 3.5 dollars.


Bravo car

The first example we did is considering a Bravo 1.6 Mjet 16V 120 HP Easy with a cost of 21,960 dollars. With an advance of 2,000 dollars and a duration of the financing of 60 months (the maximum) we see that the monthly payment is 395.50 dollars, the fixed TAN is 5.96% while the APR is 7.73%.


Let’s take another example with the Panda 1.3 Mjt 16v 75cv Young, costing 13,710 dollars. We always assume an advance of 2,000 dollars and a maximum duration of 60 months, in this case the monthly payment is 236.50 dollars, the fixed TAN is 6.02% and the APR is 8.87%.


Doblo car

Third example with the new Doblò, a car that can be purchased as commercial vehicles. In this case the Doblò 2.0 Mjt 135cv Emotion has a cost of 24.310 dollars. Consider the classic advance of 2,000 dollars and a duration of 60 months, the monthly payment is 441 dollars while the fixed TAN is 5.97% and the APR is 7.58%.

If you want car financing with zero advance?

car financing

We also tried to do simulations of auto loans with zero advance, the results did not differ much, here they are:

  • Bravo, monthly payment 432 dollars, TAN of 5.96% and APR of 7.63%
  • Panda, monthly payment 273.50 dollars, TAN of 5.97% and APR of 8.51%
  • Nuovo Doblò, monthly payment of € 477.50, TAN of 5.99% and APR of 7.53%

The secured loan guarantee

The secured loan guarantee

The used car loan is a truly complete and safe solution because it allows you to include insurance coverage, specifically known as the “Secured Loan Guarantee”. This loan insurance includes:

  • job loss
  • hospitalization for illness or accidents
  • temporary disability after illness or accident
  • permanent disability after illness or accident
  • death

Depending on the type of problem that has occurred, this insurance pays a few residual monthly installments of the loan or the residual debt.